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Making conference calls can be a challenge in terms of the costs involved. However, different services exist and the caller or companies requiring the facility to have a choice based on certain parameters. The basic services that should be considered are remote support, web conferencing and collaboration, remote desktop, online meetings and audio conferencing. The fact that conference calling has become a normal and popular method of conducting business communication should not make it become an expense that negatively affects the bottom line figure.

Conference Calling HeadquartersThe availability and service features of conference calling services are of paramount importance, but this should not comprise for the sake of an economy conference call. Cost is a major factor in determining the service provider but there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration. The decision to use a specific conference calling company is influenced by the frequency of use. If used on a fairly regular basis over a relatively long period of time, a discount package can be discussed. The rates are also a determining factor. Some companies charge per session, while others charge a monthly or yearly fee. Hidden fees need to be looked out for.

The well-established bigger companies offer relatively cheaper rates for conference calling services. The added value is that the experience of such a company reflects in its service reliability. Technical support is more readily available, possibly on a 24 hour basis. Their resources are more flexible. Although smaller and less established companies may offer you cheap conferencing calls, they have issues with service reliability and delivery.

Another option to consider is the flat rate conferencing services being offered. For a fixed monthly-unlimited access to a conference, bridge is available. This option is fairly popular with non-profit making organizations and companies looking for reduced rates for conference calls. Free conferencing is different from traditional conference calling in that it has no organizer fees and allows for multiple people to meet for the price of their long distance connections. There are companies that provide free conference call services. In return such companies are usually compensated through a revenue sharing arrangement with a local phone company.

Another input to ponder on is the number of participants who frequently use the conference calling service Web conferencing has the advantage in that it allows for a large number of participants. Locking in a consistent international conference call rate would be a good thing to discuss with the service provider.

For a company that does frequent international conference call hosting, this can be a major expense and innovative planning does contribute towards a reduction in charges incurred as a result. However working with a similarly innovative service provider with the right connectivity these can be reduced significantly. Local allocation of numbers in the foreign countries does affect the cost of making the conference calls. In these times, financial officers are increasingly looking to find ways to reduce this expense.

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