Web Conferencing – Necessity For A Global Organization

Dec 27th, 2013 | By | Category: Conference Calling Headquarters

Conferencing is the buzzword today in the business circles. This refers to the ability of communication between multiple people at different locations at the same time. This can be done using a phone, video or web services. A web conferencing is a kind of conferencing where multiple individuals are able to share data and communicate with each other using the web or internet services. It is sometimes also referred to as Webinar or online meeting.

Conference Calling HeadquartersA web conferencing session usually requires add on software or hardware on the desktop or laptop of the participants of the session. This is completely vendor specific. Usually this is downloadable software the details of which are provided to the participants in advance. On downloading this software the system upgrades by itself and allows the participants to view the session. Very rarely some vendor may require an additional hardware to be installed in the system for a participant to attend the session.

Sessions like training, group meetings and presentations are conducted very effectively through web conferences. Sometimes the voice element is embedded in the web conference. This can be done effectively through VOIP technology. However, usually it is easier to speak over the phone and content can be showcased over the web. This works out to be much more comfortable and effective.

A web conference is essentially a real time communication system. This may work point to point or as a multicast communication. Multicast communication means there is one sender and multiple receivers. A host of added features are offered by vendors to make a web conferencing experience more interactive and lively. This may include text chat, screen sharing, slideshow presentations, and a whiteboard where either the presenter or both the presenters and audience may write.

Voice recording is also offered as one of the features. Recording may be an essential part of the conference or the vendor enables this functionality and presenter may use it as and when it is required. Live videos and options to conduct a poll or a survey may also be provided. The objective of offering these services is that all the parties involved should experience a real time discussion scenario. There should not be too much of difference between meeting in person and conducting a meeting over a web conference.

A number of vendors provide web conference services. Some of the bigger names in this arena are Cisco WebEx, Netviewer and Adobe. While this service has been around for some time, even now there are no standard guidelines available around security issues, transparency and platform dependence. This has been a reason why they have not seen an exponential growth. Some organizations circumvent this by using their own dedicated internal platforms to conduct these online meetings. This way all the security issues can be eliminated.

Web conferencing is a practical answer to avoid expensive business travel for the smallest of discussion. With organizations still focused on optimize their costs and expenditures, Web conferences are set to become more prevalent and popular.

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