Video Conferencing Is A Practical Tool For Daily Remote Meetings

Dec 27th, 2013 | By | Category: Video Conferencing

Any means to make the long distance communication more effective and lively is welcomed by both the individuals and corporates. Video conferencing or in simple terms a telephonic discussion where the parties can view each other in the real time is one such facility which has really become popular now a days.

Conference Calling HeadquartersThis may be in the form of video chat over your phone or by using sophisticated equipment which can connect with multiple parties in different geographies at the same time. Video conference has a host of benefits- reduction of cost, time as well as less carbon footprint due to reduction in travel. This in turn has a positive effect on the global warming phenomena.

First video conference in some form was performed as early as 1930s. Since then the technology has improved manifold and hence this facility has become more reliable as well as economically viable for the common man to utilize on a day to day basis. The concept took off really well in 1990s with the advent of Internet protocol (IP) based conferencing being made possible.

Codec is the basic technology through which the video conference works. This is the equipment, either hardware or software, that compresses the audio and video files so that they can be transmitted in the real time. You may use two kinds of operating systems to conduct a video conference- either a dedicated system or a personal computer. A dedicated system is generally utilized in a corporate environment. Here you have a full screen auto fitted with a camera which is remote controlled. You sit in front of the screen and connect with the other parties and conduct the conference. With advancement in internet technologies as well as desktops, a video conference can be conducted from a desktop or laptop itself. You only need a good quality video camera and sound transmission to do this right from your desk.

Video conferencing can be conducted between 2 parties or multiple parties. A device called multipoint videoconferencing is used to connect multiple parties to the same conference. It works like a bridge where each of the parties can dial in and connect themselves. Alternatively the multipoint can also dial in all the involved parties. You can choose the option of viewing only the active or rather the party that is speaking at the time. This way the system will show the video of the party which is speaking the loudest. You may also choose to view all the parties at all the times- this is also possible.

While video conferencing is becoming quite famous, it has its own shortcomings as well. It is very easy to hack into a video conference in case specific security filters are not put in place. Hence it may not be a good idea to share sensitive information and conduct confidential meetings like board meetings through video conference. However for all the other daily meetings and discussions video conference is an excellent tool- for personal as well as corporate affairs.

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