How Does Video Conferencing Software Work

Dec 27th, 2013 | By | Category: Video Conferencing

Video conferencing stands for interaction between two or more people in remote locations in such a manner that they are able to view each other. In a simple format this is as good as a video phone call between two people over a phone. Multiple video conferencing software are available in the market which can help people in utilizing this feature without too incurring too much of cost. A lot of these softwares are free as well- Skype & facetime are popular ones for the personal usage while Polycom & Tanderberg are usually used in corporates.

Conference Calling HeadquartersVideo conferencing software can enable both- point to point application as well as multipoint application. In a point to point application the users at both the ends need to have a web camera, speaker and microphone along with a desktop or laptop with internet connection. With the help of this two people are able to have a video conference. Multipoint application refers to connecting multiple parties present at different locations on one video conference. A bridge number is provided by the vendor and all the parties can dial into that. All of the parties should have access to basic requirements like web camera, speaker and microphone to be able to join the live discussion.

Software used for video conference essentially compresses the audio and video files into small sizes. This software or hardware is known as codec. These compressed files are transmitted to other parties over internet protocol to achieve real time transmission. With advancements in IP and internet technologies since 1990s, video conference as a tool is becoming better day by day. It has now reached a stage that it can be easily used to complete our day to day affairs. In fact we no longer need sophisticated equipment to use video conference. A web camera mounted on the desktop or laptop is sufficient to conduct one!

Video conferencing is able to address a number of challenges including reduction in decision time due to people not present at the same location and reduction in travel cost since people no longer need to travel to meet each other. You may be located in any part of the world but will still be able to communicate effectively and join a discussion with the help of video conferencing. Distance is no longer a barrier.

Some people have complained that video conference experience is still not same as meeting face to face. The parties are not able to conduct naturally since they know that they are being recorded. Also, sometimes the camera gives an illusion of wrong eye contact which leads to wrong signals in case someone is looking at body language. Security of a video conferencing is another area which is not fully covered up.

While some challenges still remain to be resolved, there is no doubt the video conferencing is a practical solution to replace face to face discussions. With companies becoming more global in their nature with each passing day, video conferencing software is the tool that they look at being effectively usable to help them manage.

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