Can We Afford Video Conferencing Equipment

Dec 27th, 2013 | By | Category: Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the talk of the town today. In a highly shrinking world where communication is the key to get any of the tasks accomplished, one cannot do away with tools like video conferencing. They allow employees of an organization to take effective decision without losing time, business to close on the sales leads without globetrotting all the time as well as ensure that the families stay together even when they are based in different parts of the world. Video conferencing can help us achieve all this. The question that arises is what video conferencing equipment is required to do it? Is it extremely sophisticated for personal use?

Does it fit into the budget to use it for day to day affairs? Conference Calling HeadquartersThe truth is video conferencing equipment may or may not be very sophisticated- the choice of the equipment essentially depends on the purpose of its use. Video conferencing essentially uses a software called Codec to compress the audio and video files that can be transmitted in the real time. The basic equipment that is required is a video input, video output, audio input, audio output, data transfer and a computer- either a desktop or a laptop. This is not too sophisticated equipment- 2 parties owning a web cam, speaker and microphone mounted on their laptop or desktop essentially have everything to make them do a video conference. However, for the best and professional output from a video conference you may need to invest in a dedicated system. A dedicated system for video conferencing is a single unit of equipment that has everything embedded in it. The web camera is remote controlled and can be moved around mad tilted to get the right angle.

Usually it works on the Internet Protocol (IP) connection to give the constant data exchange speed. For the best results all the parties on the video conferencing should be using the dedicated system for video conferencing. However, this is usually required only in case of high end corporate meeting. For general day to day discussions, desktop equipment for video conferencing is sufficient. With the technological advances in internet and desktop technologies, a desktop system is also not too bad and generally meets the requirement of personal conferencing as well as day to day corporate discussions.

Video conferencing equipment is no longer a challenge in conducting the conferencing. A large number of software is also available to conduct video conferencing. A lot of them come free of cost and are able to accommodate multiple- point conferencing as well. Some free software may allow more number of parties on the same call but usually they restrict it at 3 to 4 parties at a time. Video conferencing is the next best thing to meeting in person for a discussion. While the technology can still not stimulate the warmth of in person meeting, it certainly provides a cheaper, quite effective and hassle free alternative in form of video conferencing.

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