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Dec 27th, 2013 | By | Category: Video Conferencing

All of us use phone calls to talk to another person to discuss, tell or learn something from the other party. Sometimes a situation demands presence of multiple people on the same call for effectively disseminating any information or have a meaningful conversation. That is when a phone conferencing comes in handy.

Conference Calling HeadquartersThis refers to the ability to communicate with more than 1 person at the same point of time. Multiple different equipment and solutions are available to accomplish this. In fact conference calls have become the lifeline of any organization these days. In the fast paced lives that we live, it is quite difficult for all the stakeholders to be present at one location to discuss any matter. To overcome this problem and save time in decision making phone conferencing comes in very handy.

In a simple form multiple users can be conferenced from a normal phone itself. Almost all the telephone operators enable the service of conference calls nowadays- either free of cost or at a small cost. You need to dial the first party from your phone and press flash or hash key when the person picks up the phone. Then dial the next party and press flash or hash key when the second person picks up the phone. This gets all the three persons on the call and you can have an active discussion. On personal phones usually the operators restrict the conferencing services to three callers a time.

In the corporate world requirement is not only for a call between 3 persons. A lot of time multiple individuals or group of individuals are required to dial in at the same time. That is where the commercial phone conferencing services come into the picture. These companies provide a dial in number or a bridge number to which all the parties can dial in at the same time and engage in a conversation. This allows a lot of meetings and discussions to take place over the phone.

Phone conferencing can be used for multiple purposes. This could be for conducting a meeting that requires a number of people from remote locations to dial in, to conduct a training session, to conduct team meetings and other things. Usually all the parties can contribute in the discussion during a conference call. However this feature can be restricted and only the organizer can speak while others can listen. The feature of recording the discussion of the call can also be enabled. Sometimes Phone conferencing is also used as a broadcast service where people can log in and listen to the speaker. This way a large number of people can listen to the conversation at the same time.

Since phone conferencing requires a number of people to attend the call at the same time, conference etiquettes need to be followed. Ensure that there is minimal disturbance, do not speak loudly and set the call at a convenient time so that there is no background noise or interruption.

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