Group Calls For All The Occasions

Dec 27th, 2013 | By | Category: International Conference Call

Group calling- as the name implies, stands for making a call to the large number of people at the same time. Group calls are similar to conference calls. Here also the intent is to have interaction with more than 2 people at the same time. Usually in a conference call one party is the speaker while others do not have access to contribute in the discussion. Organizer speaks while the rest of the people listen. In a group call all parties contribute to the discussion. This is the primary difference between a group call and a conference call.

Conference Calling HeadquartersGroup calls are used more for social purposes and less for corporate usage. Usually free conferencing services are utilized for group call. Sometimes a voice mail message is also left when a message needs to be delivered to a group of people. Each one of them can respond to the message later. Usually it is a message informing the group about something- a place to be reached, time a certain event is to happen and other such announcements.

Group calling can also be used for other social functions like college reunion, a party to be arranged, social groups, teams, prayer groups and support groups. The group people can interact in a flexible manner at a given time with everyone. The voice messages for the group can be left by the means of group calling. It can really be effective to leave motivational messages for the social groups or for support groups. Even the prayer groups can discuss and arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time by using the group calls.

Group calls or conference calls have become much more effective modes of communication with the advancement in technology. The calls over all have become much cheaper as they have become the tool for mass communication. This has allowed the users to utilize the group calls much more frequently. The families living in remote locations usually use this as a way to keep in touch with each other and share the happenings in their life. This is an economical way to still feel together even when the distance my keep them apart.

A large number of telephone operators provide the services of a group calls. The payments plans that are available are also flexible. You may pick one that suits your budget and requirement. You no longer need to pay for the features in a service that you do not require. In case you are a regular user of the service you may opt for a monthly subscription of the service. The operator will provide a dedicated dial in to you which can be used any time you want. In case you use it once in a while you may opt for pay per use. In this case you will have to place a request for the dial in every time you would like to make a call. This may be a little tedious but ensures that you do not pay for the service you are not using.

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