Free Video Calling Has Arrived!

Dec 27th, 2013 | By | Category: Conference Call Companies

Video calling or video conferencing is a very popular way of interacting. This allows people to see the video of each other even when they are in different locations. This is the next best thing to meeting in person. While it may not be always possible to travel and meet each other, video calling can ensure that you are still in touch with each other and are able to view each other. This goes a long way in keeping the warmth in the relationship alive. Video calling is as good as meeting the other person.

Conference Calling HeadquartersUnlike the perception of the people, video calling is not at all expensive. All you need is a desktop or a laptop which is fitted with a web camera. Almost all the systems now come equipped with a sound card- hence you may not necessarily need to buy a microphone and speakers. However in case the in-built sound card is not that effective then it may be a good idea to invest in one to have effective communication. A good quality headphone with the microphone may also be sufficient. The software to do the video calling is in fact free. Yes you heard it right- you can do free video calling with any person in any part of the world. The only expenditure that you may have is that of an internet connection.

A number of free video calling software are available. The most popular one among them is Skype. This is extremely easy to download and start using. Skype also allows group video calling. You may add one more person to your video call and enjoy the benefits of video calling with your best friends.Another popular software is Viber. This enables video calling over the phone as well. However the telephone operator needs to support the services of video calling over the phone.

Free video calling is becoming the norm of communication between people today. Most of the young generation is hooked to it. Not only youngsters, you will find people of all age groups using it for their own purposes. It may be to get in touch with your loved ones, fulfill family responsibilities or for the business purposes. In increasing number of job interview and sales deals are being closed using video calling. This allows the employer and the business development person to read the body language of the person and act accordingly. And free video calling is certainly much cheaper than traveling for these purposes.The only thing to worry about while using free video calling is security of your system. The free software relies on the advertisement revenue for their survival. This makes your system vulnerable to virus attack. Video calling is a very good tool but needs to be used cautiously. It is a good idea to invest in a recommended anti- virus s0lution to prevent your system from virus attack and risk losing your important data or worse still- your system crashing.

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