Conferencing- An Essential To Conduct Business!

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Conferencing or conference call as it is usually referred to, essentially stands for communicating with multiple parties based in remote location at the same time. This may be done using a telephone, web based or video calling.

Conference Calling HeadquartersThere are multiple ways in which conferencing can be done. You may dial in all the people who need to be present on a call and then patch them together. Usually a phone number and a common PIN code is provided to all the participants. Each one of the participants is then able to call on the given phone number and then enter the common discussion by dialing in the provided PIN. This way all the required participants are able to communicate at the same time even though they are based at different locations- either in the same city or different cities, or for that matter in different countries in the world. Usually all the parties can contribute in the discussion during the conference call. However the organizer of the call may restrict the access of the other participants only to an audience. In that case the other participants can only listen to the proceedings and not contribute in the discussion.

The benefits of using conferencing are tremendous. It is a very useful tool for effective completion of business matters. With businesses spreading their wings across the globes, key decision makers and stakeholders also get distributed across geographies. Conference calls then become an essential tool for communication between them. It is also used by a number of organizations to disseminate information like quarterly financial results to the stakeholders.

Apart from the business world conference calls have become a norm in our day to day social life as well. Nowadays, majority of the phones offer conferencing facilities where three parties can converse at the same time. Some operators may offer this service at an added cost. To use this you dial the first person and after this person picks up the phone press flash or hash key. Then dial the second person and when he picks up the phone press flash or hash key once again. After this all 3 people are able to hear each other and contribute to the conversation. Another way to use conference calls for socializing is to use it as a party line. This is when a number of people dial into the same number at the same time and join a group conversation. This is a fun way to meet new people and interact with them.

Conferencing has become a very important part of our lives now- a- days. A lot of people find it difficult to imagine a day at work without using conference calls as aids to the communication. There are multiple companies that offer conference call services. They have different pay packages which cater to the needs of different customers- small organizations, big organizations and individuals. The distance is no longer a barrier in effective communication- everyone is just a call away for that all important meeting!

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